I Help Working Moms Increase Intimacy to Strengthen Their Relationships, Master Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills, and Reduce Shame, Guilt, & Anxiety around Intimacy so they Can Be Empowered in LOVE & LIFE and THRIVE!

Introducing: The Working Mom Mastermind Transformation

Tired, Burnt Out, Disconnected


As a working mom of 5 kids in a blended family who has struggled with keeping intimacy alive, I SEE you, I FEEL you, I KNOW you, and I AM you! This is why I am perfectly aligned to coach you, inspire you, empower you, educate you, relate to you, and celebrate you in this journey of reimagining intimacy to get you reconnected to your loved one and feel confident about who you are.

But first, there are steps you need to know to begin this transformative shift out of tired and inspired mode! You WANT this! Click on the button "Yes! I'm Ready To Rekindle Intimacy", tell us where to send it, and it will be immediately sent to your inbox!

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What you will learn using this guide!

Prioritizing Intimacy w/ Mindfulness

Learn exactly how to utilize self-reflection and mindfulness to promote intimacy.

Intimate Thinking Promotes Intimate Actions

Learn exactly what you need to begin thinking intimately and how to inspire intimacy in action.

Seeing Intimacy As A Shared Experience

Why it's critical to understand this isn't all you, embracing imperfection, and importance of mastering communication skills.

How To Practice Being Kind to Your Mind, Body, & Soul

Treating yourself in a way you want others to treat you, and how to help yourself move out of shame, guilt, anxiety to rekindle intimacy.

Meet your new, trusted, and innovative expert

I’m Kim Story. I’m a Women's Empowerment Coach + Clinical Therapist who is passionate about helping busy and tired working moms reimagine intimacy to get their needs/wants/desires met, while mastering communication and conflict resolution skills, and decreasing anxiety, shame, & guilt so they can be more confident and living the life they always wanted.

I teach everything from understanding intimacy on all levels, increasing opportunities to engage in meaningful intimacy, master communication skills to confidently handle conflict, understanding and realigning with core values, managing anxiety & stress, and time management. The A-Z of what is needed to stay away from burnout of love and life.

It’s all with the focus on helping tired working moms move out of survival mode and thrive. Living life back on their terms.

As a licensed therapist, certified life coach, Accelerated Resolution Therapist, and trained in Expressive Arts, I have worked in a ton of different settings including my successful private practice that have given me many opportunities to support tired working moms.

I am a mom of 5 in a blended family, have worked 2 jobs at times, and understand the complexities of being a working mom in today's world and how easy it can be to lose sight of how important intimacy is for us as a human being, and for our relationships.

Many working moms are exhausted, constantly feeling like they are not "good enough", body image concerns, willing to neglect their needs before others, which leads to disconnection, failing relationships, and poor self-views.

But, don't worry. I cracked the code to REAL working mom success in increasing intimacy, thriving in their life, have confidence, meaning, & purpose, and it goes a little something like this...

Intimacy Awareness

Master Communication Skills

Resolving shame, guilt, internal conflict

Reframing Negative Thinking Patterns

Seeing Self- Care as a necessity not a luxury

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